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Abstract The Industrial Revolution, besides being able to produce a huge amount, also had important effects on social life. It is not just production, what is at stake in the Industrial Revolution; economy, politics and politics have also been transformed. Therefore, social life has changed. With the Industrial Revolution, human beings had to transform their communication and transportation systems according to the requirements of the Industrial Revolution. All corners of the world are surrounded by railways in order to distribute the production. Telegram, in other words communication, accompanied the railways. Thus, the world was surrounded by railways and telegraph lines, just like the veins in our body. In short, we can say that communication and transportation has surrounded the whole world. Along with the advances in communication technology, the introduction of computers to the stage of history, the processing and analysis of information with computers in a very short time was not enough for human beings, and it He was also successful in establishing. The classical network system of the Industrial Revolution has now turned into a much more advanced and invisible system.

It is time to transform the traditional media. Newspapers, televisions, radios took their place in the virtual world in electronic environment. Entertainment media has also changed. Video tapes, VCDs and DVDs are nowadays used as Blue Ray Discs, Long Plays (LP), CDs; CDs turned into MP3s. In short, traditional media started to leave its place to new media. Mobile phones have become devices that host information and entertainment with an internet connection only on the devices we talk to or write messages to. We are gradually continuing all our habits with new methods. Internet and new media brought social networks with it. As you can see in the detailed researches, millions of people around the world have become a part of social media for various purposes such as chatting with each other, sharing content, being a member of a group; However, an important point that should not be forgotten is that all these actions did not occur together. For thousands of years, human beings have produced production and developed communication and transportation systems to meet their own needs. Human beings established their network system within the framework of the conditions of every age they live in.

Let’s Test Ourselves 1. Which energy source came to the fore in the second phase of the Industrial Revolution? a. Petrol b. Water vapor c. Solar energy d. Materials suitable for recycling e. That

6. Which of the following is not a feature of the new media? a. My interaction b. Demilitarization c. De-networking d. Networking e. Density

2. Which of the following is the abbreviation of the European Center for Nuclear Research? a. OECD b. EU c. CERN d. ARPA NET e. WHO

7. Which of the following is the important concept brought by Manuell Castells to the literature? a. Global Village b. Alienation c. Third way d. Network society e. My Mercamtalism

3. When was the first commercial computer started to be used? a. 1919 b. 1923 c. 1946 d. 1951 e. 1960

8. Which of the following is the technology that plays an important role in the development of new media? a. USB 2.0 b. Portable data storage devices c.

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