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Of these three sisters, only the snake-headed Medusa is mortal and has the power to turn those who look at her into stone. Big buildings at that time

and it is thought that the pictures and sculptures of Gorgona heads were placed in order to protect private places from evil, and Medusa was placed here with this in mind. According to another rumor, Medusa was a girl who boasted for her black eyes, long hair and beautiful body. She had long loved Zeus’ son Perseus. Meanwhile, Athene loved Perseus and was jealous of Medusa. For this, Athene cut Medusa’s hair into the shape of horrible snakes. Now, whoever Medusa looked, whoever she looked at was cutting stones. Later, seeing him in this way, Perseus cut off his head, thinking that Medusa was fascinated with excitement, taking his head in his hand and turning his enemies into stone, he won many battles. It is said that Medusa was engraved on sword handles and column bases on the reverse and side in ancient Byzantium.

Sudüşen Waterfall is one of the most suitable routes for Bursa under the title of “close places”. It is perfect for those who want to spend time alone with nature. This waterfall, a wonder of nature, promises you a beautiful daily adventure. The road to the waterfall is a natural walking trail. It is highly preferred by local and foreign tourists in the summer months. On your way to the waterfall, you will proceed with a unique dam lake, view of the Marmara Sea and a wide variety of forest fauna. While traveling through a large mixed forest, you can take frequent breaks and take photos. The surroundings of Sudüşen Waterfall, which is a good trekking trail and a relaxing picnic area, is covered with dense vegetation in all seasons. It would not be wrong to describe it as “Black Sea” in the Marmara region. If you continue to the mountains from Üvezpınar Village, which is about 11 km between Yalova-Termal, just above Termal, you will have a waterfall after 8 km.

can be reached where it is located. However, this road is a very winding and difficult mountain road. Driving can be difficult during the winter months. It can take about two hours to walk from the village to the waterfall. Sudüşen Waterfall is located on the extension of Samanlı Mountains and is 10 meters high. Although it is perfect for refreshing in the summer, if you are going these days when we are getting ready for the winter, it is a good idea to dress a little thick. The coolness of the water and trees can make you cold. The villagers own the waterfall and receive a small fee when entering. You should bring your food with you, or you can choose a few small facilities established in scenic places in Üvezpınar Village. Another option is to prefer Termal district, which is very close to Üvezpınar.

Molasses sleeps in Turkey since ancient times, “water” one of the first names that come to mind Manavgat Waterfall. The reason for this lies on Turkey’s regularly flowing river. Manavgat, which has never stopped since the Ancient Age; The strongest, most active and sincere hero of a turquoise story in Antalya. To tell him to stop, one has to rewrite the story.

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