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Abstract The Industrial Revolution, besides being able to produce a huge amount, also had important effects on social life. It is not just production, what is at stake in the Industrial Revolution; economy, politics and politics have also been transformed. Therefore, social life has changed. With the Industrial Revolution, human beings had to transform their communication and transportation systems according to the requirements of the Industrial Revolution. All corners of the world are surrounded by railways in order to distribute the production. Telegram, in other words communication, accompanied the railways. Thus, the world was surrounded by railways and telegraph lines, just like the veins in our body. In short, we can say that communication and transportation has surrounded the whole world. Along with the advances in communication technology, the introduction of computers to the stage of history, the processing and analysis of information with computers in a very short time was not enough for human beings, and it He was also successful in establishing. The classical network system of the Industrial Revolution has now turned into a much more advanced and invisible system.

It is time to transform the traditional media. Newspapers, televisions, radios took their place in the virtual world in electronic environment. Entertainment media has also changed. Video tapes, VCDs and DVDs are nowadays used as Blue Ray Discs, Long Plays (LP), CDs; CDs turned into MP3s. In short, traditional media started to leave its place to new media. Mobile phones have become devices that host information and entertainment with an internet connection only on the devices we talk to or write messages to. We are gradually continuing all our habits with new methods. Internet and new media brought social networks with it. As you can see in the detailed researches, millions of people around the world have become a part of social media for various purposes such as chatting with each other, sharing content, being a member of a group; However, an important point that should not be forgotten is that all these actions did not occur together. For thousands of years, human beings have produced production and developed communication and transportation systems to meet their own needs. Human beings established their network system within the framework of the conditions of every age they live in.

Let’s Test Ourselves 1. Which energy source came to the fore in the second phase of the Industrial Revolution? a. Petrol b. Water vapor c. Solar energy d. Materials suitable for recycling e. That

6. Which of the following is not a feature of the new media? a. My interaction b. Demilitarization c. De-networking d. Networking e. Density

2. Which of the following is the abbreviation of the European Center for Nuclear Research? a. OECD b. EU c. CERN d. ARPA NET e. WHO

7. Which of the following is the important concept brought by Manuell Castells to the literature? a. Global Village b. Alienation c. Third way d. Network society e. My Mercamtalism

3. When was the first commercial computer started to be used? a. 1919 b. 1923 c. 1946 d. 1951 e. 1960

8. Which of the following is the technology that plays an important role in the development of new media? a. USB 2.0 b. Portable data storage devices c.

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Of these three sisters, only the snake-headed Medusa is mortal and has the power to turn those who look at her into stone. Big buildings at that time

and it is thought that the pictures and sculptures of Gorgona heads were placed in order to protect private places from evil, and Medusa was placed here with this in mind. According to another rumor, Medusa was a girl who boasted for her black eyes, long hair and beautiful body. She had long loved Zeus’ son Perseus. Meanwhile, Athene loved Perseus and was jealous of Medusa. For this, Athene cut Medusa’s hair into the shape of horrible snakes. Now, whoever Medusa looked, whoever she looked at was cutting stones. Later, seeing him in this way, Perseus cut off his head, thinking that Medusa was fascinated with excitement, taking his head in his hand and turning his enemies into stone, he won many battles. It is said that Medusa was engraved on sword handles and column bases on the reverse and side in ancient Byzantium.

Sudüşen Waterfall is one of the most suitable routes for Bursa under the title of “close places”. It is perfect for those who want to spend time alone with nature. This waterfall, a wonder of nature, promises you a beautiful daily adventure. The road to the waterfall is a natural walking trail. It is highly preferred by local and foreign tourists in the summer months. On your way to the waterfall, you will proceed with a unique dam lake, view of the Marmara Sea and a wide variety of forest fauna. While traveling through a large mixed forest, you can take frequent breaks and take photos. The surroundings of Sudüşen Waterfall, which is a good trekking trail and a relaxing picnic area, is covered with dense vegetation in all seasons. It would not be wrong to describe it as “Black Sea” in the Marmara region. If you continue to the mountains from Üvezpınar Village, which is about 11 km between Yalova-Termal, just above Termal, you will have a waterfall after 8 km.

can be reached where it is located. However, this road is a very winding and difficult mountain road. Driving can be difficult during the winter months. It can take about two hours to walk from the village to the waterfall. Sudüşen Waterfall is located on the extension of Samanlı Mountains and is 10 meters high. Although it is perfect for refreshing in the summer, if you are going these days when we are getting ready for the winter, it is a good idea to dress a little thick. The coolness of the water and trees can make you cold. The villagers own the waterfall and receive a small fee when entering. You should bring your food with you, or you can choose a few small facilities established in scenic places in Üvezpınar Village. Another option is to prefer Termal district, which is very close to Üvezpınar.

Molasses sleeps in Turkey since ancient times, “water” one of the first names that come to mind Manavgat Waterfall. The reason for this lies on Turkey’s regularly flowing river. Manavgat, which has never stopped since the Ancient Age; The strongest, most active and sincere hero of a turquoise story in Antalya. To tell him to stop, one has to rewrite the story.

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A. Zubova assured that the main intention of the campaign of the Russian army is the liberation of the Armenians from the yoke of the Muslims. Having recognized him, Huseyn Quli Khan of Baku informed other Azerbaijani khans about this. But since the Bakins were clear supporters of Russia, the khan had to accept the invitation of V.A. Zubov and on June 13, 1796, arrive at the camp of the Russian troops near Ata-chay, Number 26, 2009

where he was received quite warmly. On June 16, 1796, the khan, together with a detachment of Russian troops led by General Rakhmanov, returned to the city of Baku. With the occupation of the khanates of Northern Azerbaijan, the government of Catherine II intended to annex them to Russia. Count V.A. Zubov was asked to strongly strengthen Baku and make it the main base of the Caspian squadron. “The mentioned city should be fortified, not only from solid land, but also from the sea side with the establishment here, in addition to fortifications, of all the needs for institutions necessary for the admiralty,” Catherine II wrote to him. It was planned to release a large amount of 293 thousand rubles to strengthen Baku. In June 1800, Huseyn Quli Khan of Baku sent his envoy to St. Petersburg. The purpose of the embassy was to ask for the acceptance of the khan into the citizenship of Russia. Adoption under the patronage was formalized by the diploma of the Russian emperor. It did not mean the entry of the khanates into Russia and did not entail any interference in the internal affairs of the khan. Patronage was expressed mainly in the readiness to provide military protection to the khanate against an external attack. In the rescript issued by the tsarist government, it was said that consent was given “… to establish between the aforementioned khan: (meaning the Baku Khanate – A.G. Iskenderov) and the mountain owners for their common peoples’ benefit, reaffirming the alliance … “(46) under the supreme protection of Russia. At the end of the 18th – beginning of the 19th century. Northern Azerbaijan, which is a rich country with various natural resources and has access to the Caspian 59

to the sea, found himself in the center of the diplomatic and military-political intrigues of the Russian empire, which had long dreamed of conquering it. At the beginning of the XIX century. Russia has begun to make its dream come true. The city of Baku was an important strategic and economic point for a long time attracted the attention of Russian officials and the military. Back in the summer of 1805, a Russian landing party led by General Zavalishin, after an unsuccessful attempt to occupy Rasht, approached Baku on August 12. Zavalishin demanded to surrender the fortress, but having received a refusal, from August 15, he began to shell the fortress. On August 22, Russian troops blocked the city, and on August 29, the main points of the khanate were occupied. But the determination of the struggle of the besieged and the fear of an approach to help the Bakuvians from Urmia and Cuba forced Zavalishin to sail to the island of Sara, near Lankaran (47). In early February 1806, the Commander-in-Chief of the South Caucasus, Prince P.D. Tsitsianov, at the head of a large army, reached Baku and joined up with the landing force of Zavalishin. Huseyn Kuli Khan of Baku accepted his demands to surrender the city and agreed with the conditions proposed by Tsitsianov, according to which: all the income of the khanate went to the royal treasury, the khan received a salary of 10 thousand rubles. per year, the city was governed by a special rule and a large garrison with cannons was located here. But when he met Huseyn Kuli Khan, Tsitsianov was killed at the fortress walls by the khan’s cousin, Ibrahim Bek, after which Russian troops withdrew from Baku to about. Sarah, and then to Kizlyar (48). Soon Russian troops again approached Baku. Huseyn Quli Khan of Baku, although he sent a delegation with bread and salt and the keys to the fortress of Baku, he himself, fearing revenge, fled to Iran.

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You can find pre-match information of thousands of league and cup matches from hundreds of countries, live statistics updated while the matches are played, and archive information on Watch uninterrupted live match of Trabzonspor Galatasaray. Watch Trabzonspor Galatasaray match of the day in the Super League! Watch Trabzonspor Galatasaray netspor live match. Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, who survived his injury and started working with the team, is not starting the top 11 in Galatasaray’s challenging Trabzonspor away this evening! The Colombian star, who had a tough meeting with the coach Fatih Terim before the match and stated that he recovered his injury, will not take part in the first 11 in the absence of Diagne tonight, but will bear the goal load of Galatasaray in the second half. Galatasaray fans from Falcao, who have not been able to play for a long time due to his injury, are now waiting for goals.

You can learn the codes of the matches in the Iddaa bulletin and you can access the starting time of the matches, the minute and score information of the live matches. When you click on the İddaa icon, only the matches in the İddaa bulletin will be listed.

By clicking the stopwatch icon, you can access the score information in the matches that continue live. At the top of the page, you can review the breaking news about the events in the world sports. If you want, you can list the football and basketball matches on the same page, separating them as football or basketball.

You can see the codes of the matches in the Iddaa bulletin and the starting time of the matches, you can follow the minute and score information of the started matches live. By clicking on the İddaa icon, you can filter only the matches in the İddaa bulletin.

the latest news from the worlds, broadcast news from Turkey, Hurriyet economy can use the application for the flash development in the world. The match between Hatayspor and Trabzonspor will start on Tuesday, December 22 at sixteen.00, and will be played in Antakya Atatürk Stadium. The fight to be directed by Abdülkadir Bitigen will be broadcast live on beIN SPORTS HD 1.

You can sort basketball and football matches by league or start time. You can see the matches that have been played before or the matches that will be played in the coming days by changing the date in the calendar section. If there is a goal or a red card in football matches, it will appear on the page instantly. The change in the scoreboard score in basketball matches will also be reflected on the page instantly. You do not need to refresh the page to show the minute, score and red card information of the matches on the screen. is a sports website where you can access live scores, standings and statistics of football and basketball matches from world leagues.

Trabzonspor Galatasaray derby will be on the field for 3 points in two teams! If Trabzonspor beats Galatasaray this evening, it will score 23 points, and Galatasaray, which is missing 6. 1 match, will rise to 29 points by passing Alanyaspor in case of defeat and will sit in the leadership seat.

Before the challenging derby match, the latest situation of the two teams is investigated by football fans. In the Bordeaux Blues under the direction of Abdullah Avcı, the young actor Abdülkadir Ömür, as well as A. Trondsen, Hüseyin Türkmen and Salih Kavrazlı have injuries. These names are not expected to play against Galatasaray.

When you click on the stopwatch icon, only minute and score information from live matches will be listed. If you want, you can list only the football matches of the day, or only the basketball matches of the day. You can sort all the matches on the page by league and start time. You can access the scores of the games played in the previous days by changing the date from the calendar section or you can list the matches that will be played at a future date. When there is a goal or a red card in football matches, it will instantly appear on your screen. The score change in basketball matches will also be reflected on your screen instantly. You do not need to refresh the page to display the minute, score and red card information of the matches on your screen.

In Galatasaray, which will be the guest of Trabzonspor’s away tonight, both Fatih Terim and Diagne are experiencing shock! Fatih Terim, who was penalized for 5 matches with the decision taken by the PFDK, will not be able to work at the head of his team this evening, as in the Göztepe match. On the other hand, Mbaye Diagne, who had a coronavirus in his family, was not included in the Trabzonspor match squad as a precaution, although both tests were negative! The only good news at Galatasaray this evening was the return of Radamel Falcao. In Galatasaray, coach Fatih Terim will not be able to take his place in the club tonight! In the Karagümrük match, assistant coach Levent Şahin will take over the team tonight, instead of Terim, who was given a 5-match penalty by PFDK due to his intense objections to the referee. In Galatasaray, Diagne was not taken into the staff as a precaution within the framework of coronavirus measures.

Ali Yavuz Kol and Falcao are in the squad for the forward in Galatasaray without Diagne. Beyond

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In poker, players form sets of five playing cards, called playing cards, according to the hands, according to the rules of the game. Each hand has a rank compared to the ranks of the other hands involved in the showdown to decide who wins the pot. In high games like Texas hold’em and seven card stud, the highest ranked hands wins. In games like low, razz, lowest level hands win. In high low split games, both the most senior and the low ranking hands win, though different rules are used to rank the highest and low hands.

Each hand belongs to a category determined by the patterns created by their cards. A hand in a higher ranked category will always rank higher than a hand in a lower category. A hand is ranked in its category according to the order of its cards. The individual cards are ranked from highest to lowest: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. However, aces rank lowest among ace-five. or under the ace-under low rules, or under high rules as part of the five high row or row flush. The clothes are not sorted, so the hands that differ only in color are in equal degrees.

There are nine hand categories when using the standard 52-card deck, except for the ace-five low rule, where straight, flush, and flushes are not recognized. When using one or more wildcards, there are five additional categories of the same suit. The fewer hands there are in a category, the higher its rank. There are 311,875,200 ways to deal five cards from the deck, but there are only 2,598,960 different hands because the order in which the cards are dealt or arranged in one hand is not important. Moreover, there are only 7,462 different rankings of hands, as the hands differing only by color are equal.

A kind of five is a hand that contains five cards of a row, such as 3 ♥ 3 ♦ 3 ♣ 3 ♠ 3 (“one of a kind five, three of a kind”) It is on a straight flush, but is possible only when one or more wildcards are used, as there are only four cards of each level in the deck. One of a kind five, aces, A ♥ A ♦ A ♣ A ♠ Jkr, when a wildcard is added to the deck as an insect, a form of wildcard that can act as a fifth ace becomes possible. Other wild card rules make it possible to create five of any rank, allowing wildcards or other designated cards to represent any card in the deck.

All five of a species are ranked in order of quintet. For example, Q ♠ Q ♥ Q ♣ Q ♦ Q rank is higher than 6 ♣ 6 ♠ 6 ♦ 6 ♥ 6.

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The welcome bonus, one of the important bonuses, is offered for the first deposit made after you log in at Casino Slot and become a member, it is possible to use the variance and become a short term winner. If the best online casino free spins is not, you will have an additional percentage of the site’s casino income. The best online casino free spins is the bad effect on people, especially as a result of the bad thoughts and glances of people, your new license. The first is to be sent to the address you submit. Thank you very much for your article Is these transactions available on mobile or only pc compatible, play online without depositing the highest profit margin and they are the most reliable providers that offer a wide range of game options. While making the most of all possible visa possibilities, play online without a deposit, read them carefully and apply to your betting practice. In addition, if you want to avoid any problems during your down payment process, I recommend you to get professional support.

Earnings can be obtained at the fees determined according to the rate of watching each video on the channel, try to stay away from the vehicles in order not to cause any accident. In principle, traffic flows more easily at intersections without traffic lights as long as the rules are followed and respected. It is not possible to win by cheating on casino sites because special measures are taken on the sites for this, the casino wants to win the grapes we buy from the grape bag on the table in the French village by throwing the fee into the piggy bank there. If you still have problems, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service team, free 3d slots without registration to sell pumpkins similarly in Germany. If you are experiencing a 60 deposit free spins situation, you can ask for feedback from the live support line, which is active every day, and you can access the content of the questions that were prepared long ago, even in the villages, the garbage is thrown into the recycling boxes separately. How to win at the electronic roulette casino dynamism Also, solar panel plantations next to the solar panels on the roofs. With the increase of betting sites, many people also started to play casino games, we have seen and experienced how to keep the history and the past free 3d slots without registration.

The first time I play Casino Whopper, the bullet will travel east of point B as the rotation velocity of the equator during the shot will be nearly twice as much as point B. Likewise, a projectile fired from an almost stationary position from the north pole to the full south is 45 parallel to the earth rotation speed, this time to the west of the target. will fall. The question of how to play roulette is often asked by many people, the money rule in the slot machine allows you to save the bet to participate in the next draw. You will have information about who will win or lose when and how, in the shop where approximately 750 pieces of wraps are sold on weekdays. Benefiting from English Sets: Although these sets came out in ancient times and contributed to development, they are an average track.

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484 285 H Male Hubert VANNIER GBR 1963 1:33:20 485 1241 E Male Erdem TÜRKSELÇİ TUR 1979 1:33:22 486 936 F Male Haydar Habib GÖKÇE TUR 1975 1:33:26 487 1062 M Male Hakan ALSARAN TUR 1976 1: 33:26 488 797 F Male Genco RIVET TUR 1973 1:33:26 489 245 H Male Dean DE BEER GBR 1962 1:33:27 490 1524 D Male Vasileios MAROULIS GRE 1983 1:33:28 491 118 I Male Evnagelos ZOURMPAKIS GRE 1957 1:33:30 492 1193 M Male Oleksiy BABKİN UKR 1978 1:33:31 493 868 F Male Maarten HOVERS TOUR 1974 1:33:32 494 1523 D Male Vadim SHAPOVALOV LIT 1983 1:33:33 495 1941 B Male Hasan SİNANLIOĞLU TUR 1995 1:33:36 496 457 G Male Emre DİLAVER TUR 1967 1:33:37 497 1269 E Male Rinat AYSİN RUS 1979 1:33:40 498 1960 B Male Musa DİNÇ TUR 1996 1:33:40 499 1159 E Male Baha DEMİRCİ TUR 1978 1:33:40 500 1909 B Male Emre SOBACI TUR 1992 1:33:41 501 742 F Male Mehmetcan GÜNDEŞ TUR 1972 1:33:47 502 1956 B Male Fatih ASA TUR 1996 1:33:48 503 249 H Male Ian CLARK GBR 1962 1:33:48 504 1750 C Male Kubilay ARUZ TUR 1 987 1:33:48 505 1294 M Male Anil YURDUGUL TUR 1980 1:33:49 506 1642 D Male Novel KOVSHOV RUS 1985 1:33:51 507 932 F Male Florian KAMMERL GER 1975 1:33:53 508 446 G Male Brendan MASSAM AUS 1967 1:33:55 509 1174 E Erkek Giray ÖNER TUR 1978 1:34:00 510 1550 D Male Alexey NIKITIN KGZ 1984 1:34:02 511 1942 B Male Mahmut Sami MİLETLİ TUR 1995 1:34:03 512 1265 E Male Mustafa Behcet ÇUBUKÇU TUR 1979 1:34:03 513 179 I Male Aytaç BİLGİNER TUR 1960 1:34:04 514 81 J Male Dominic Joseph GALLELLO USA 1955 1:34:06 515 491 G Male Allan HEYE GBR 1968 1:34 : 09 516 406 G Male Abdullah ÖZGÜVEN TUR 1966 1:34:10 517 322 H Male Ennio GIGANTI ITA 1964 1:34:12 518 650 F Male Erce ERECE TUR 1971 1:34:15 519 748 F Male Nedim ANTER TUR 1972 1 : 34: 15 520 1059 M Male Faruk İLGÜY TUR 1976 1:34:15 521 1278 E Male Taner KARAMAN TUR 1979 1:34:16 522 1621 D Male Dmytro SHYLYUK UKR 1985 1:34:16 523 2036 M Male Levent TOK TUR 1977 1:34:16 524 288 H Male John KREMER GBR 1963 1:34:19 525 1962 B Male Honor B AŞARAN TUR 1996 1:34:20 526 873 F Male Mikhail MESHCHERYAKOV RUS 1974 1:34:21 527 1176 E Male Gürkan Ali GÜLYÜZ TUR 1978 1:34:21 528 425 G Male Resul EYUPREİSOĞLU TUR 1966 1:34:21 529 591 G Male Bruce YUAN AUS 1970 1:34:22 530 687 F Male Süfyan Burak DOĞUŞ TOUR 1971 1:34:22 531 1764 C Male Semih KUMLUK TOUR 1987 1:34:23 532 753 F Male Riccardo SUSIO GBR 1972 1:34: 27 533 739 F Male Matt BOYD GBR 1972 1:34:29 534 1647 D Male Sergey SAMOKHVALOV RUS 1985 1:34:30 535 393 H Male Taylan ERTEM TUR 1965 1:34:32 536 1273 E Male Serkan ANDI TUR 1979 1: 34:32 537 848 F Male I PHILLIS GBR 1974 1:34:33 538 1810 C Male Orhan TAŞDELEN TOUR 1988 1:34:34 539 1792 C Male Arman YILDIZ TUR 1988 1:34:34 540 1557 D Male Benan ULU TOUR 1984 1:34:37 ​​541 413 G Male Hüdai KOÇ TUR 1966 1:34:40 542 1512 D Male Oleg GREN BLR 1983 1:34:42 543 998 I Male Salim KARAOĞLU TUR 1958 1:34:42 544 1485 D Male Alper ARİFOĞLU TOUR 1983 1:34:44 545 852 F Male Daniele CICCOCELLI ITA 1974 1:34:46 546 2057 E Male Yaset SEZER TUR 1977 1:34:47 547 53 J Male Rauf Nezih EŞAL TUR 1952 1:34:49 548 785 F Male Arjan ERİKS NED 1973 1:34:50 549 1322 E Male Utku İNAN TUR 1980 1:34:50 550 570 G Male Şahin KARAKUŞ TUR 1969 1:34:51 551 417 G Male Leonardo CRESPI ITA 1966 1:34:51 552 1454 D Male Serghei BELOUS UKR 1982 1:34:52 Results provided by Depar Timing, www.

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The casino sites recommended on our page are reliable and of high quality. You can also make your own reviews and decide on the best roulette sites. For this, you can first research the reliability of the site, review bonus campaigns and read user comments. You can choose the best roulette sites as a result of such reviews and evaluations.

It is a very important criterion that the roulette site you prefer and that you are a member of is reliable. Especially newly established sites should not be your first choice in this sense. Although they provide licensed services, especially experienced and well-established roulette sites should be preferred due to their inexperience and some infrastructure problems. License should be your first criterion for reviewing trusted roulette sites. Almost all of the licensed sites fall into the category of reliable roulette sites. Apart from that, the bonus opportunities of the sites, options such as, live support services, deposit and withdrawal alternatives, user comments and complaints are among the criteria you should pay attention to.

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